International Think Tank

We are an international network of independent research and thought, an alliance of professionals that works as a network to preserve freedom, good government and conscience in the world, with a focus on Latin America.

We want to be a spotlight for citizens and nations that are overwhelmed in their legitimate rights due to poor use of power, that is, due to poor governance practices.

We believe in the need to defend a more conscious society that respects traditional values ​​and develops a freer economy based on respect for individual initiative, private property and good corporate governance practices.

Convinced that good must prevail, we want to motivate and support social and business leaders to fulfill their duties as citizens and care for the health of institutions and the sustainability of a free and responsible society.


Provide citizens and society leaders with a platform for reflection and exchange of ideas, knowledge and high-value services for the construction of a more free, conscious and responsible society based on high standards of governance.


Be agents of change and contribute to the development of citizens and the growth of society by promoting new levels of awareness in our interest groups.


  • Freedom
  • Excellence
  • Independence
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Compliance
  • Innovation

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