We are a catalyst for good ideas, relationships and actions.

We believe in the convenience of states having a balanced presence to preserve the freedom of the citizen and thus promote their full potential.

Our purpose is to help the citizen's voice be heard more and their will has a greater role in public decisions, through a vision of the State that must share its role with citizens.

We are focused on defending citizen freedom and that it is not overwhelmed or violated by the growing power of states, political parties and associations that prioritize their interests, even if these involve abusing or trample on the freedom and rights of the citizen.

Help the State share its role with the citizens, in such a way that the citizen can act with initiative and privately, without having to pay a social or economic cost for it.

We generate analysis, reflections and studies on aspects specific actions of maximum social interest, in order to influence the political and governmental actions and thus contribute to improving the quality of democracy focused on Latin America.

We make proposals for political action to institutional bodies through direct or indirect communication strategies.

We facilitate networking between Europe and Latin America in order to unite forces around the great challenge of defending and promoting freedom citizen regarding the abuses and tyrannical attitudes that sometimes They are given from power.